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Goldspeed / GS Sport A Arms (UK)

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Just wondering if anyone else has fitted GS Sport/Goldspeed A Arms to their 700? Long story short, I ordered these, assuming to be half decent as in the UK it's a nightmare to get a hold of anything decent without paying through the nose.

Anyway, I have alignment issues between the bottom a arms, looks like either the pipe bending is off or the jig was off, assuming they were even on a jig.... This is causing a big issue with the castor angle between each side, which explains why it feels like a pile of crap for handling...


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That’s junky. Did you contact them to see if they’ll send you replacements? Or if you’re stuck with them, is there a way to adjust the caster to compensate for it?

They look like Chinese copies of Lonestar arms

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Is there really no way of getting a better quality set of a arms in the UK? Those things look like junk, I wouldn’t feel comfortable running them even if they were straight

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Albas in the US are around $300, and that’s what they’re worth. I wouldn’t be paying $600 for them. They’re probably the best cheap arm there is, they’re a well known company. But they don’t have nearly the strength and reputation that brands like Houser and Lonestar do

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