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Like ive said befor, Im new to the 4-stroke as well as 4 wheels. I have an 02 660 and this thing hates to start and idle when its cold. The choke hardly effects it. I pull the choke, fire it up, and keep it at idle for a few by giving it a slight bit of gass. Once its warm, I shut off the choke and the rpms drop to normal and it runs great. It continues to run great untill I let it completely cool down. then is a pain to start. I tried to start it in February when it was 3 degrees out side and it took a jumper battery and about 10 min of cranking to finally fire. Im getting ready to have it ported an polished and am adding a stage 1 cam;. Since Ill have it all pulled apart, it seems thats a good time to make some adjustments. Any suggestions?

Rooki !!!!!

PS: Glamis Rules, even on a 4whlr :)
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