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Head gasket? Or something else

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Hey guys, I’ve noticed oil getting burnt on my headers, and upon further inspection I think it could be the head gasket? I let it idle for about 5 mins and noticed the headers start to glow red I’ve read up and apparently this is normal.I’ve seen some bubbling near the head gasket but I’ve seen the smoke appearing from the top of the headers. I already opened and sealed the valve cover after reading on that so I don’t think it’s that either. There’s also no oil mixing with coolant or coolant loss so I’m kind of stumped, please help any idea what this is?
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Check the oil line that goes into the head and make sure it doesn't have any small cracks or leaks. happened to me
thanks, I’ll check that out tomorrow, if that’s the issue and maybe if that line is clogged it could explain why my bike is reaching higher temperatures much quicker
I've checked the oil line and it doesn't seem to be damaged or cracked, there isn't any sign of oil on it. I'm sure that the engine does not have oil entering the combustion chamber as there's no smoke coming out from the exhaust just smoke from burning oil on the headers any ideas what else can cause this?
all i can think of is the seal on the valve covers or head.
I’m probably going to just buy a top end gasket kit and replace existing gaskets in hopes of it working, I still don’t see the leak.
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