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Anyone try to use header wrap on thier pipes instead of a heat shield. Seems like a cheap fix and I think it will look pretty sweet.

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i use it. works good, shields off just as much heat i think as the stocker. never burnt pants or anything with it on.
I use it. It definitely helps keeping the header cool. Smokes like hell the first time you fire the bike up with it on.
Be careful with header wrap these pipes are not tuned to have that much heat flowing threw them as compaired to radiationg off of them. Also header wrap can deteriorate the pipe from the inside out. I use just in a small area next to the rear fender where i kept burning my pants.
The wrap keeps more heat in the header which is good and bad.

Good because the hotter the exhaust is, the faster it travels.

Bad because the header will wear out quicker due to the increased heat.
I use thermo tec header wrap..works good
Yo how do you guys get this stuff to stay on. I assume after it heats up it hardens?
Use saftey wire or you can buy metal "zip ties." I used the stainless steel zip ties on mine.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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