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HELP....flipped, now it wont idle

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yesterday me and my buddy were outside his house on the dirtroad doing wheelies and i went too far back and the bike flipped. i was near the end of 2nd gear and i didnt have my grab bar on. the muffler was the furthest thing sticking out so that smacked the ground and then the bike rolled to its left and then stopped and was sitting upside down. when i got the bike up it had trouble starting like it ussualy does when it goes to far back because the float bowls are flooded but i got it started but it did not want to idle. it would sputter bad at idle and wouldnt stay running unless i kept giving it throttle. other than idle it runs great and hauls ass like ussual. today i started the bike up and its the same thing. it ran perfect before i flipped. i dont need to turn the idle up because it has to idle at about probably 3000rpm to for it to be smooth. it looks like its blowing a little black smoke but i have to look hard to see it, its not much at all. im thinking it has something to do maybe with the muffler being smashed in and too much back pressure. it has always been smashed in from these same kind of accidents but now its a little worse. black smoke - that means too much/unburnt fuel right? i dont know what the problem is but i hope i dont have to take the carbs apart, thanks for any help in advance

edit: smoke is most noticible at low rpm, durring starting, and right before it stalls
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dont think its a problem with too much back pressure because it does the same thing with the muffler off
my choke cable cover is not seated right in the starter/light assembly thing and i think the choke is stuck on. when i turn the choke lever on and off is runs no differently. this is weird because it runs fine unless its at idle. thanks for all the help by the way
The chokes are known for rusting up, the plastic nut that screws into the carb is easy to break too, carefull with it. Check for rust.
yeah, its definatly the carb. runnning rich and the moving the choke lever doesnt effect it and i cant push the choke cable back into the carb. how do i go about fixing this? do i need to take the carbs out or can i work on it from the side of the bike? i dont have too much experience with carbs and it looks like a lot of work to take them out
The choke can be removed without pulling the carbs, it's easier with the tank off but can still be done. Look at the spring in the choke assembly, it may be rusty. The parts are available from most places, ripperracing comes to mind, or the dealer, shouldn't be more than $20 or $30.
can i get the choke unstuck without replacing the part? i never use the choke so maybe i can just get it unstuck and rig it up so it cant be used. i guess it turned itself on when it flipped.
Might, take a look at a local hardware store, you may find a spring there. Look for one about 3/16" around I think 5mm would be better, don't believe 1/4" will fit. It needs to be about 3/4 to an inch long and fairly soft. Some people have reported using a pen spring but I doupt thats strong enough, but I haven't tried either.
It may just need cleaning.
i cant see how to remove the choke assembly. im looking at where the choke cable goes in and there is a rubber boot thing that covers the top of the carbs that i pulled up.
that helps alot, thanks. ill remove the tank tomorow and work on this
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