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but it will bump start very easily. I checked what I could find and didn't see any water in anything critical. However, there is definitely a dead short somewhere as the battery is now drained and even the dash lights don't come on. They did at first, even when the starter didn't turn over. I rode the rest of the day, hoping it would dry out and be fine, no dice. Any input would be great - where to start, what to check and how.

When I hit the puddle, I thought is was only 3-4 inches deep and I'd just wheelie across. Oops, it was more like 12 inches deep and when I hit it with the rear tires, the front pretty much just dropped and we both got soaked (me and the rappy). Good thing it was a nice day here or I'd have been freezing my butt off.

Same thing happened to me last week. I pulled the battery and dried it, wire brushed battery and cables even though there was no corrosion on neg and pos only had a little bit of corrosion. Reinstalled battery and she fired right up. Not sure if that was the prob, but it happened to my freinds as well a few years back, water gets in something and they wont start. Try this and hopefully it will solve the prob, if you killed the battery, might want to charge it first. I have no idea how these batteries act when getting old as this is my first bike.
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