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ok, i have a 06 raptor 700r and i installed lte duals with the doebeck tfi and the gytr air filter. i run 22x8x8 skat trak extreme 10 paddles with stock sprocket. just this last week i raced my buddy who has a bone stock raptor 700, up the bowl, down the flats and he was right on my butt the whole time. i just dont really understand here, he only ways 20 pounds less than what i do. do have a clue maybe switch to power commander?
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Two reasonable possibilities:

1) You dobeck isn't dialed in right

2) He's just a lot better rider than you are.

I hope he wasnt running the stock tires, my guess is he was using 8 paddles, with an approximate 2 extra horses from weighing twenty pounds less. Some combination of those issues are most likely your problem. I would start with the PCIII and tires.
what are your settings, and you are also over paddled for your mods, raise you psi to get more wheel spin
he was runing a 22x8 9 paddle extreme and he was running 8 psi. and im running about 5 psi in them, what psi do u think i should run for now and how many paddles should i be running?

you should be running 8 paddles for reg drags 7 for hill shoots, raise your psi to about 8-10 to get them to spin better for now
The 10 paddles sound like a wicked amount of hook-up in the sand. I had an extra pair off my 1000 Kaw. one-man sand rail that were 22-11-8 10 paddle skat Trak Taller Haulers. I tried them on a Honda 330R and it couldn't break them loose easy enough to get great speed. I took em off and flipped em around so the paddles were going backwards. It reduced the amount of sand I was excavating and it made the bike a lot faster! You might try it for an experiment.
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