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help please

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i was just put in a 11-1 piston and hot cam stage 1 and i was brake it in and it stalled and when i went to start it all it will do it click. i know its not the starter clutch cause i put a [email protected] on it to but i think its the starter motor being bad. any idea on what to look for?
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Have you checked the battery voltage? Maybe it is your charging circuit. Gotta start somewhere.
yes i have checked the battery voltage and if i put the charger strat to the starter it will turn over real slow do you think it could be the decompression pin fel out of somthing?and it will start and run if i pop start it
make sure the ground cable on the battery and frame is clean and is tightened good. If you have another piece of cable, double ground the battery to the frame. One where the normal ground goes and ground the other on a mounting bolt for the starter. If it starts easier then you have issues with your ground cable (too old, worn,..ect). Its a place to start!
i took the head out and the decompression pin fell out so i think thats why its not starting but sence the frist way i put it in dident work can someone tell me the right way to put it in
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