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HELP WITH 05 660R Starting problem

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I was riding when I heard chain slippage. I nursed it home and after downshifting in front of the house, the engine died. It would crank over but not start. While waiting for the part I changed the oil and then replaced the worn front sprocket and tried to fire it up. It cranks over but no spark. After reading every post here, I disconnected the wire on the rectifiyer and it started right up. When I reconnected the the rectifiyer it stalled. I have replaced the coil and plug with new ones and cleaned all the connections. Can anyone help? :3question: :3question:
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sounds like your stator. mine went out with no warning. had to tow in.
Just an update. I took it to the shop. It was the Stator! $250 for parts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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