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HELP!!Wont start!?!?!

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Hey guys having a rough time with my raptor....at first i thought the battery was dead because it would jus try to start but it wouldnt even turn the motor over it would just click and i would hear the sil-a-noid *sp* beep...so i went and bought a new battery and it does the same thing...but if i put the bike in gear and roll in front to back it will start! does that mean the starter is gone???any help appreciated thanks alot!!!
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did you charge the battery first?? charge it. If it still does it then bypass the relay by taking the battery terminal side of the relay straignt to the positive of the battery. If it starts then you know your relay is bad. Clean all connections really good. good luck,

now when i try to start it the red light just comes on and nothing happens
Sounds like a connection isn't hoooked up right, or is grounding out. Try jumping from a car (leave car engine off) and see if that works. If it still doesn't work you know you have to look beyond the battery.
If you by-passed your relay and your a 100% sure its not your battery (or the ground from the battery), by process of elimination the only thing remaining is your starter.
heres what i have tried so far.....change battery...cleaned the armature motor cleaned the brushes in the starter, lubed the bushing back up.....hit the start button and it like it doesnt have enought power to turn over the motor...so i tried to jump it off....done the same thing....but if i put the four wheeler in 1st gear and push it back n forth then try to start it again it does start, but if i turn it off again and try it, does the same thing , so i have to put it back in gear and rock it back n forth.....any suggestions? Im about fed up with this thing. thanks

also if ii touch the two silinod wires together without using the switch it still acts like it wants to turn over but wont...Thy are no sounds of grinding gears or anything...It acts like the bike just has too much compression. ahh!!
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Did you try taking a wire (jumper cables are better) straight from your battery (positive) to your starter. That way you by-pass the whole wiring system, not just the relay solenoid.
rt said:
Did you try taking a wire (jumper cables are better) straight from your battery (positive) to your starter. That way you by-pass the whole wiring system, not just the relay solenoid.
no i didnt try that....if i did and it still did the same thing what would be the outcome? also does the 02 model have a compression release somewhere on it?
the decomp is automatic. Unless you recently worked on your head or more specifically your cam, it more than likely shouldn't be a problem, but it is a bottom-of-the-list possibility. Just take jumper cables (one polarity at a time) negative terminal to a spot beside the starter to latch onto and from your postive battery terminal to the bolt/stud on top of your starter..(with the wheeler on and ready to start before you do this).
never had any cam work...all stock internals......maybe the starter has a bad place in it??? Could that be the reason i got to rock the quad back n forth for it to actually start?
No, the one-way starter (specifically named that for that reason) moves all the time (when the motor is running) in one direction only (no matter forward or reverse), the gear it rides on remains stationary until the bike is started.. It moves faster than the one-way causing it to lock up (because of the bearings) with the one-way and turn the crank over. If the one-way is moving faster than the gear it rides on it can't ever effect the starter. so even pushing the quad is going to make the one-way move faster making it impossible to effect the starter.
hmm so what are you thinking it is? A bad starter motor?
Can't actually determine until you by-pass the entire wiring. If it don't work then, more than likely a starter problem.
lol i see...so if it does work...whats the prob?
if it does work then the relay is bad....now get off your computer and try it!!! :thumbsup:
maxxie boy ive done bypassed the relay....thanks tho :thumbsup:
pull the plastic boots back from the terminals on the end of each lead and inspect for corrosion or damage
corosion free on every terminal....

I went to the local shop and they said it might be missing a few teeth on the big starter gear?? Would that maybe be a problem?? Dont really make any sense to me??
Did you ride through water? Thats what happened to mine, dry it out and it will start.
If it did had been missing teeth, when it did start it would sound like the the starter-motor was free spinning..almost like if the one way went out on it. It is another bottom of the list possibility, but one thing at a time.
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