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Hey all, With all the rain over the weekend I had a chance to get my HID's and Vapor installed. I have to say that the Vapor kit was very well thought out. The magnet installation couldn't have been thought out any better. And yes, I too have the screwed up tach. BUt the Guys over at TrailTech said they are working on takeing the RPM directly off the coil trigger wire like it should have been in the beginning. They already have a few done for trials apparently. I was a little displeased with the HID kit. The Kit is sold as one Spot and one flood. But the flood is usless IMO. So I'll be purchasing one more spot to replace the flood, And I'll prolly mount the one flood in the middle somewhere for some fill. I've paid for it, might as well use it! Here are a few pics. Sorry for the topless pics, Didn't have a chance to shoot pics with the top back on.

Stock housings with cheap knock off Piaa's


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