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how much with this sprocket help my low end

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My setup is a procircuit t4 that is jetted in perfect and an aftermarket air filter . The quad also has a heavy duty clutch but i dont think that really matters. i just ordered a renthal chain and sprocket, which i stayed stock in the front and went up in the rear (42). Am i even gonna notice a power increase .The reason i ask this is i really think this quad is way stronger on the top end then on the low end.
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So you've went up 2 teeth on the rear. From stock gearing you're going to have a little more grunt on the low end. You'll spin the tires a little easier and the bike will run through the gears faster, which is good if your bike is making more top end power because you'll be in the meat of the powerband faster.

You're not going to feel like you're riding a tractor but you'll notice that you're shifting a little more or earlier than you used to in the same terrain. You probably won't notice the loss of top end speed but you may feel like you're accellerating faster (which you will be).
yea i def notice more low end but now my rear axle bearing sounds like its going. it makes a clunk like a loose chain would. i jacked the bike up and put it in gear, it's almost like it skips a tooth in the diff. i know that the rear is direct drive so that would be impossible. i think it's just the bearing's, the guy i bought this quad from new nothing and did nothing as far as maintenence so im just tracking everything down. if i'm wrong with this feel free to chime in.
Did you check the chain rollers, I know my bottom gets one hell of a beating from being constantly spun and the bearing went out kinda so I switched the bottom to the top, no more noise :)
yup they both spin freely. that would have been nice though.
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