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One thing overlooked in this link (and in the manual):

They both state that if a feeler gauge won't fit in the intake valves, you are on the wrong stroke and should turn the crankshaft one more turn. This is correct, as long as the valves have not worn tight, which is common with the Raptor. In some cases the intake valves have worn so tight that there is NO clearance, and the bike has begun to lose compression when cold - making it hard to start when cold.

Instead of using this method to determine TDC compression, I watch the exhaust valves until they are nearly closed and at the same time the intake valves until they JUST start to open - you should see (or just have seen) the I in the inspection window. I then turn a full turn until the I comes up again, and there's been no valve motion for the last half turn (Willy likes to rock the crankshaft back and forth at this point to verify there's no valve motion).

This guarantees that you are at TDC compression stroke - the proper place to adjust valves.
just got a 2003 660, i know nothing about adjusting valves so i began reading this thread, do i alien the I on the groove or the little notch just past the I on the groove ? i used the little notch..

i think this has happened to my valves because no matter if i stop the notch soon as i see it my .002 feeler gauge will not go in freely(and on my exhaust vaule it will not go in freely either)...

when i turn one more turn until the notch comes up again my .002 feeler gauge will not got in freely, but the intake valves had no motion last half of turn like posted above, so this is my TDC correct? and now my .002 goes in freely on the exhaust valves...
but my .152 feeler is tight almost want go in on exhaust and i think im at TDC

so i need to loosen both my intake and exhaust valves correct?

but i just need someone to tell me im at TDC or what to do to make absolute sure im at TDC or if there is anything else i need to do that i havent done to makes sure im at TDC because i think i am now, thanks in advance for any help,,, i sure dont want to mess this up...
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