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I have 06 Raptor 700 50th anniversary with a dobeck efi. i have a k&n filter. i bought it like that. but now im gonna put a DMC Afterburner Dual Exhaust and i want to know what setup should i use. I do a lot of trailriding. Thanks very much.

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That is an older version. Here is the tuning guidelines from Dobeck:

We suggest that you set your pots to the setting that best
matches your bikes modification. Further adjustments can
be made by first having your ATV fully warmed up. Then
with a screwdriver in hand, locate the green light and the
pot right below it. Raise the RPM up to a high idle or about
1800-RPM if you have a Tach. Once there, slowly turn the
green pot clockwise from the 1:00 position (or off) until you
achieve the highest RPM and smoothest running sound (just
like you would if you had a mixture screw on a carburetor).
You should find that the best setting is between 1:30 and
Next locate the yellow light and the pot below it. This pot
adjustment acts as an accelerator pump adjustment. Anytime
you see the light on, it means that this pot is adding
fuel. You will notice that you can take the RPM slowly up
to 3000-4000 in neutral and see no yellow light. But whack
the throttle wide open quickly and you see the yellow light
come on. Try to add as much as you can until the bike says
it is too much then back off two clock positions. This yellow
pot adds most of its fuel below 4000 RPM and full throttle
The red light pot is for your main jet. It adds about 3 jet
sizes per clock position. For example: One clock position
is the same as 170 to a 185 main jet. All we can say about
setting up this pot is use the base setting that comes closest
to your bikes modifications. Then use the same method you
used, setting up your carbureted bikes.


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Dont get the AFTER BURNER !!!!!! GET THE DMC force fours. they are the new upgraded versions with a wider body leading into the canister. I got mine from tech quad shop on here. They are super helpfull and will help you out on your mapping needs as well. they will get you ripping and running sweet..
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