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Hydrodynamics any good?

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I am thinking about getting their entire front F-8 suspension package from Rocky Mountain Atv. I figure it will help me do bigger jumps and lighten the stresses on the frame with a better suspension. Has anyone used this or have any reconmmendations? I am looking for the whole setup. Thanks :thumbsup:
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I have HDUSA arms and fox shocks. The arms are VERY WELL made. Everything is nice and sturdy, high quality stuff. It seems really strong too. I've caught the arms or tires on a few things and expected to break something, but so far so good. Everything is still nice and straight even the finish is holding up well.

Not sure about the shocks since I have no personal experience with them. I will say though, that several members at ATVriders.com are running the full kits and they love them!
you got to love that it is a complete package designed for specific bikes.
I have all i-shock kits and shocks in stock. PM me for the best deal.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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