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I need a map for the PClll

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Hey everyone I just ordered a PC lll, GYTR filter and adapter, FMF powercore 4 with powerbomb header. I can't find a map for this on the PC website. Does anyone have a map that would work with this setup? Thank you.

P.S. with the lid off the airbox
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any luck ?
No luck yet. I'm probably just going to take it to be dyno tuned. Unless anyone out there can help.
FMF maps are hard to find. I was looking for one before I bought the powerbomb with an HMF slip-on just to make sure I didnt get stuck without a map. I know fuelmoto makes you a map if you buy through them. Who did you buy from and how much?
will fuel moto still make you a map after the initial purchase?
they better make me a map.. i have an exhaust i can't install because they didn't preload my PCIII with a map.. :mad:
I just talked with my dealer today and I guess they are gunna tune it for me. Worst comes to worst there is a shop about 30minutes away from me that is supposed to have a dyno, if my dealer can't get it done, which I dont see why they couldnt then I'll just have check this other place out.
"Furthermore, if you purchase a Power Commander from Fuel Moto we offer Map support and will supply you with any different maps you may need as you make future mods to your bike."
Quoted right from the fuelmoto website.
At Rocket Factory we will provide maps free if purchased through our store. If now we will provide maps at a $60.00 charge with up to two changes.

Thank You.
Fuel moto sucks in my opinion. They dont even have shit for custom maps they just give you ones right of dynojets website
Good news my dealer got my PCIII all tuned and dialed in and now she pretty much rips :thumbsup: All I need now is some new tires and 15tooth to put it to the ground.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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