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Idles purfect but sputters when riding / please help

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The bike starts instantly, holds idle purfect, but as soon as you try to throotle it starts sputtering and popping. I did the search and found one post with the problem, but the person never posted what fixed it. Some people said it could be the parking brake switch. I did a search on that and had no matches found. The carb is clean and the jets are new. I am running 145 and 150 main with 25.0 pilot. I have a stock exhaust and filter with no lid. The bike idles excellent and starts instantly cold or hot. I am at 800 ft elevation and the mixture screws are 3 turns out. :mad:
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did it run okay before you rejetted it? if so, you might have one of your carbs screwed up. I also had the problem when someone tried to adjust the float and they adjusted it too high so the carb didn't have enough fuel. Another problem is make sure you spark plug is good, just buy a new one maybe 3 dollars, check your coil and make sure you have no loose connections on your coil and ignition.
Looks like we need to have a seminar on search techniques. ;)

If your parking brake is not adjusted properly it will cause the problems you listed. Make sure that the assembly on the handlebars is retracting fully back toward the bars and go from there.

Also check to make sure that your reverse sensor connection is good, it's by your shift lever shaft.
I figured out the fix for the E Brake. Runs like a champ now. Thanx for responding to the post.
I have the same problem. i put the p brake block off plate on and took the cable right out of the lever. but whenever that p brake thing slides out a lil bit it sputters and crap. what do i do with all the junk on the lever to make it not sputter. can i just have a plain lever on it with none of that garbage on it? will that take care of the problem?
yeah i put a msr lever and just unplugged the wires right from the harness.
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