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I'm Back

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After a long leave of absence (well, posting, anyway) I'm back. Only thing is, I'm Raptorless now...lol. Sold my 660 and got a 2006 TRX450ER. It's got the HRC kit, HMF exhaust and K&N, among other mods (that don't increase HP, so I won't name them here). I'm very happy with it, and in the riding group of mine it's the only quad that competes with the 700R my cousin has. Only thing that made me do the 450R route is because I wanted something nobody in the group had. Now, that said, I'll never dog a 700R. It's pretty much a tie between the 450R and the 700R as my favorite quad. The 700 is a ton more comfortable and less tiring to ride. But the 450R just matches my riding style better. Anyway, I figured I'd share a picture of my 450R and my cousin's 700R at the dunes at Little Sahara, OK a week ago on St. Patrick's day. To me it's a great picture of two of the finest dune bikes you could get (4 stroke wise). Here ya go:

Like I said, I got the 450R but don't be hatin...I'm a Raptor guy too. Just don't own one anymore.
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That is a breathtaking pic ... I would love to be there with such an atmosphere! Good luck with the 450R!
It's my favorite pic that I took at the trip. I think I'm going to try and see if I can make it into a poster, but I don't know how big I can go due to the 3.2MP resolution of the camera I used. I have some vids of the 450R with my cousin (who owns the 700R) racing a Banshee and my buddy Joe on my R racing some other guys. Good vids, and I thought about posting them but hey, this is a Raptor site! LOL I'll just have to get a vid sometime of a race between my 450R and my cousin's 700R. I'm sure you guys would like that.

On this particular trip I found it funny that there would be a guy on a 700R (while my cousin was on my 450R) and the 700R would get his butt kicked by the other quads. Couple of races later, my cousin hops on his 700R and eats everybody's lunch with relative ease...lol. He did a great job of showing what a stock 700R is capable of. Personally I love racing the 700R (driving it); it tends to keep the front down a lot easier than my 450R on the starts. And it really comes alive past 3rd. Fun quad, for sure!
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