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is a 660 radiator the same as the 700

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I recently had a mishap on my last race of the season. Needless to say my radiator is no longer functioning. Im not wanting to drop 4 bills on a power radiator at this time and I cant find a used 700 radiator, but ive found multiple 66o ones and im wondering if they will interchange.. 8)
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I dont think so...but I could be wrong. There was one on here just recently in the for sale forum
HAHA saaaaaaaaaaame damn thing i need! let me know cuz then ill just go boost my brothers 660 and steal his radiator lol!
What is weird is that you can buy a radiator from South Seattle for the 660 for $176 and it is just the radiator. But for some reason the 700 radiator comes with the cooling fan which jacks the price up to $353. :3question:

Wonder why they made it so you have to buy the fan with the radiator on the 700 and not the 660. Sounds like Yamaha saw a chance to make some $$$$$.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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