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Is anybody from the Seattle/Tacoma area of washington?

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Hey guys i'm new to the site and looking for some good rideing in my area. I live in Puyallup.

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I am in the Port Orchard area. Tahuya is the best in this area w/ an endless web of trails....

Hey, I live int he Eatonville area. We have a local place just simply called Power Lines, it's a simple but fun place to ride.

Another place we usually go to is Belfare, some nice trails there.

I only have an old 97 (or 96? can't remember) Warrior. Hoping to get a 700R though.
I live in Olympia and if you don't mind tight trails, capitol forest off hwy 101 has a TON of riding. There is also a couple of tracks you could check out if you are into it... Go to quadsonly.com and there are links to all of the tracks, trails, and dunes in most of the northwest...

Hope this helps!
I"m in Silverdale; a bit north of Tacoma and always go to the trails in Tahuya state forrest. Some good trails and open areas with some jumps.
Shadow, that's where I go too! I just call it Belfare.

The gravel pit is awesome!

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Jeremy said:
Shadow, that's where I go too! I just call it Belfare.

The gravel pit is awesome!
Yeah I go there fairly often, although I've found a place just a couple miles down the road and it's alway way less crowded.. actually the last 5 times i've been only ran into one other rider out of five total days. There are some good trails and gravel pits there too.
Belfare is like an hour and a half drive for us. :(

We have a place closer - Power Lines. It's pretty cool.
is there a place that rents atvs in seattle/tacoma area??
I am in the Port Orchard area and have looked for rental places online for a friend who wanted to visit and ride w/ me. After some online searching and calling dealers, I was unable to find any rentals. Good luck!!

FYI to anyone in this area: 3 of us will be at Belfair/Tahuya this Sat morning (8ish) riding. Maybe see you there.
Did you try Action Rentals? My Dad is co-owner of the shop there but we/he doesn't rent the stuff out. His friend does, his name is Bob, seriously. If I had the number I'd give it to ya'll but I don't.

And just to let you know, he doesn't have any sport quads, he has these two Zukes 500s Utility ones. I think they suck because I had to rent one as my Warrior needed some fixing up.
I just got my Raptor...I'm north of Seattle in Marysville. A couple places I know of are Reiter Pit out by Monroe or Gold Bar and then up north in Mt. Vernon is Walker Valley. My first ride with my quad was at StraddleLine ORV park off of Hwy 101, which is now privately owned after being shut down for a while.
i live in arlington next to marysville. i've been to reiders theres way to many rocks for me. have you been to darrington theres alot of places to ride if you know where to go . walker is ok but to many people
I've seen many folks riding quads in the yet to be developed areas of Sunrise near Emerald Ridge High School (on South Hill). Not sure if it's legal or not.
Im on the East side Tacoma,
riding a Blue 700R from 56th in Pac Ave. all the way to Salishan Hills at night in this lovely snow :beer:

But I usally goto my friends house on Maggie lake, and ride the logging trails all the way to belfare orv park
Went to the Abandoned Airport off 56th South Tacoma Way. today, with my new Mods.OMG my raptor is a Beast!

About 20 people out there with me, must be breaking in thier new X-mas presents.
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