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Is this a wiseco piston ???

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I got this for a friand I what to thay web site the numbers are the same for 101mm = 673 The numbers are 4737m10100 and D00L8 I hope someone can help me out. And can I use my stock rod??? Thank you
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Yep on both accounts. It's an 11:1 101mm wiseco piston which can, in the vast majority of instances, be run on a stock rod and premium pump gas.
My raptor is 2001 will the the rod be ok and ware can I buy rings for the piston??? Maddog56 Thank you
ANYONE :help: :3question:
Rod should be fine. You can buy the rings from most places that sell the piston. You can also order them directly from wiseco, you'll have to let them know what piston and bike you have.
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