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Jetting Questions

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well i have to run with my box and lid on for the type of riding and where i ride (FL). i would like to add the K&N filter and maybe even the K&N Lid (see previous post)

1. if i run with lid on and k&N filter do i need to rejet and if so what size do you feel ill need?

2. if i run with the K&N Lid and filter what size jets are needed then? would pilots need to be changed? mixture screw at 3 turns from seated?

3. moose offers a power kit with the K&N filter and a jet kit. im assuming i would be able to purchase that and install it as it is already configured. right?
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what other mods do you have like exh ect. I have a k&n cover with uni prodesign adapter. do not use the jets or instructions that come with the k&n filter kit they are totally wrong.
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