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Yea, I've read enough posts and should know, but I'll ask anyway...

11:1, stage 2 cam, 673 bore, no air box just dual K&N's with prefilters,
Rossier pipe with supertrapp disks, 12 I think. May go back to the open end cap.
Stock size valves.
Mild porting.
Elevation about 600 feet.

Thinking it should be around 170/175 mains, getting colder here and am going to start with 175/180
Piltos are 25 now, ran ok but with choke on the idle rose alot, going to 27.5
Air screws and needle clips to be adjusted as needed.

Sound right?
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When I was running a somewhat similar setup;

100mm 11:1, stg 2, No airbox, Pro-design single K&N, CT pipe w/ 16 discs, no porting, stock valves @500' of elevation

I ran 180/185 mains, 30 pilots, and CT needles (similar to GYTR and DJ I'm told) on 3rd clip. This was a winter setup where temps ranged from 40 to -20 degrees F. My bike made less power w/o the discs and endcap.
Recall if you tried the 27.5 pilot or went straight to the 30's.
Intresting that it made better power with the disks.
Never tried the 27.5's, jumped from 25 to 30 to keep idle up and starting easier in the cold.

My bike always seemed to be happier with bigger jets than I should have been using, the pilots here is one of those instances.

As for the cap/discs my bike lost a lot of midrange with the open end w/o cap and didn't feel any stronger up top.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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