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Raptor of the Month July 2012

This is the place to enter yours or nominate a friend's Raptor for Raptor of the Month!
To enter please post a few good quality pictures and a list of mods ( Signatures do not count as a mod list )

ROTM is Open to all Raptor models
As always enter or nominate on the 1st through to the 15th.
Then voting runs from the 15th until the end of the month.
Past Winners have to wait 1 year to enter again, they are

Big Daddy
Lucky 69

(Side Note: No quad will make the finals more then 2 month in a row)


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07 700 based*
Cuervo Racing 778*
+2 extreme port Cuervo Racing head*
5050 cam*
WK true 54mm Tb w/pink denso injector*
DMC Duals*
Dynatek w/cuervo custom curves
CCP stearing stabilizer*
ODI lock on grips*
Flexx bars w/ rebound kit*
Dr.D reverse lever*
Relocated parking brake lever*
Custom trimmed plastics*
Cuervo Racing graphics*
PRM sidebars*
PRM 6 pack rack*
PRM skids*
Sometimes it's lowered 4" sometimes not*
ITP mudlite sp tires*
15/36 gearing(yes it'll pull it to redline in 5th gear)*
82hp 63tq*
09 resi shocks*
Spider web radiator gaurd
Spider cam cover
I know I forgot more than one thing*
Tuned by Eric at EHS

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Raptor of the month

2008 raptor 700 SE

Bud Bohanon
Submit for Raptor of the month!

Pro Armor Front Bumper
Pro Armor Rear Grab Bar
Moose Racing Skid Plates (Swing arm, Chassis, & A-arms)
GYTR Nerf Bars
Spyder Grips
ITP Alum. Wheels
Maxis Razor 2 Tires 22” 11x9 rear- 23” 7x10 Front
Regina Z-Ring Chain Rated to 900cc
Sunny Rear Sprocket ( Steel) 38 Tooth
Sunny Front Sprocket (Steel) 13 Tooth

Engine only has 30 hrs on it since rebuild 2011

Hotrod Crank
J.E. 11 to 1 Compression Piston
Hot cams Stage 2 Cam
105.5 mm Bored Cylinder (orange)
New gears, clutch, and clutch basket
KB Valves & Valve Springs
Stock OEM Cam Chain
Stock Cylinder Head ( Cleaned non Ported)
Power Commander III - Programmable
Stock Intake
Stock Exhaust with spark arrestor removed


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2001 raptor 660

Houser a arms
G Force axle
GYTR skid plates
Chrome steering stem
Magura hydraulic clutch
Renthal bars
ITP wheels
ITP tires
450 front shocks
Flipped rear shock linkage
Yoshimira full exhaust
AC nerfs and front bumper


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:metal: SPIDER all the way :metal:

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Well I'll at least post a few pics of mine to show it off. I'm a couple hours late but its not midnight in Cali. Not many entries this month. Got some more to do in the next few weeks that will clean up the looks but I'll put it up now anyway.

2007 Raptor 700

Engine 686cc
Stock bottom end
12.5:1 JE piston
Ported stock valve head by BO
FCI intake W/O Box
+3 Throttle Body
HDD5050 Cam with HD Springs
DMC Force 4 duals with Black Cans
Dyna with HDD Curves
Spark plug wire mod:metal:

Orange Powdercoated Frame
Houser Long Travel A-Arms
Custom Axis Triple rate shocks with rezzys
Works Black Widow Rear Shock
G force Axle
Knock off Wave rotor
Bling Star Sprocket and Rotor Guards
Flexx Bars
Custom Seat Cover
+1 Steering stem
G Force Front wheels with Stock 660 tires
Hiper rear bead locks with Razr 2's(Not pictured)
22" 8 paddle haulers for the sand
and lots of other small stuff I am forgetting

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Try next month please dog86.

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You can vote on the finals for this month still guys. Good luck in next months GR734,you to dog and resinerider
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