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Just ordered some AMS

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Well i ordered a case of AMS 0W-40. I have 30 hours on my bike and i believe she is well broken in now so its time for synthetic. I read some of you guys say it reduces raptor noise, I was wondering if it frees up a couple ponies as well?? Anyone notice an increase in power?
I havent had my valves adjusted yet and i dont feel comfortable doing it myself. I also dont want to spend 250.00 and leave the bike at the shop for a couple days...... Its riding season. Do you think i should make it a priority to have them adjusted or can i wait 20 or so more hours? Thanks guys.
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Interesting choice of viscosity... Why zero?

I just had mine done for the first time (around 20 hours) and the valves were tight. They put them back in spec and it runs like a champ. I think tight is sorta bad since the valves may not seat all the way if it goes too far.

Maybe you can make an appointment. I did. Only left it for the afternoon.
0W-40 seems to be what everyone recommends. How much did they charge you to do the valves? Did you just have the valves done or was it a full sevice? Thanks
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