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Lone Star Racing and Motowoz Package **Deal**

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Motowoz Retails for 1285.00

LSR A-Arms are 2" wider and 1" forward. They are camber & caster adjustable.


A-Arms, DC-4 Raptor700
Add Billet Brake Line Clamps
Extended Brake Lines Included
Retail value of 1007.00

Your Price for the LT complete kit 1965.00 shipped
Retail on this kit is 2292.00 not including shipping
Savings: 327.00

Motowoz Tech Info:
MOTOWOZ shock bodies begin with high-quality, honed hydraulic cylinder tubing that is CNC machined. The bodies are then polished and plated for a superior look and full protection from the elements.The fully threaded bodies allow for infinite adjustability, while also utilizing “Stub Acme” threads, which are very resilient to damage.

Aircraft quality aluminum billet parts are used throughout each MOTOWOZ shock. High-quality material and precision manufacturing makes MOTOWOZ components incredibly strong compared to some competitors’ stamped or casted parts.

MOTOWOZ utilizes heavy-duty, alloy over-sized shafts of 5/8 of an inch. All shafts are ground and hard chromed to military specifications. This type of plating is extremely durable and provides a smooth surface for the seals to ride on—extending the life of the seal.

The “Big Blue Hose” that is between the reservoir and shock is actually a rubber hose encased in braided steel. Next, is another layer of rubber covered by a blue textile braid. This hose is more resilient to breaking or pinching than any other reservoir hose available in the ATV market.

Seal technology – Ask anyone. Just about every ATV racer has “blown” a shock in the middle of a race. Once a shock seal fails, the oil gets out, and the ATV becomes all but impossible to ride. That’s why MOTOWOZ developed a triple seal system. All MOTOWOZ shocks utilize two different types of shaft seals protected by a third seal that acts as a scraper to shield the sealing surfaces.

Overheating protection – MOTOWOZ has also addressed the problem of overheating which previously caused the shocks to fade during use. During extreme use, a shock’s temperature increases nearly 200 degrees above that of the initial temperature. As oil temperature increases, viscosity decreases creating a completely different functioning shock. MOTOWOZ tackled these problems in the design stage. By choosing the correct oil and seal types, MOTOWOZ offers a product that is extremely fade-free and consistent.

Compression and rebound adjusters – These are the latest “buzzwords” in ATV shock technology. Many riders are familiar with compression and rebound adjustments. They are often called “clickers” (sometimes it seems all they do is click). On many ATV shocks, compression and rebound adjusters offer very little of an adjustment, making it difficult to tell the difference between the hardest and softest settings. In contrast, MOTOWOZ compression and rebound adjusters actually make noticeable internal adjustments. These adjustments affect the rate of oil flow in the shock through the compression and rebound strokes. Both adjusters also work in conjunction with relief valves that make them velocity sensitive. These compression and rebound adjusters, along with the MOTOWOZ spring cross-over rings, make for an unbeatable racing combination.

Spring cross-over rings – MOTOWOZ spring cross-over rings give the ability to create a tunable, progressive spring package. The solution is to control the point where each spring on a multi-spring shock will cross over from one spring to the next. MOTOWOZ is one of the only companies to offer this feature without having to remove the shock from the ATV, and the springs from the shock.
With other shock companies, achieving this effect leads to a very time-consuming process. The MOTOWOZ way of doing this only takes a few minutes and gives the racer the ultimate in adjustability while staying ahead of the competition.

The key to getting good performance from an ATV shock is to tune it to the rider’s style. The ease of adjustability on MOTOWOZ product performance separates us from the pack. Let’s face it, many shocks use old technology. The ATV’s of today are much faster, have more travel and more sophisticated suspensions systems than ever. Only MOTOWOZ shocks are designed match today’s high performance machines.

One common problem is the inability of the shock to transfer fluid from the shock body to the reservoir fast enough to absorb high-speed hits. With larger diameter shafts, this is even more important. The answer is the “Big Blue Hose”. The “BBH” allows fluid to pass quickly to the reservoir, which helps to eliminate that high-speed harshness that so many ATV racers have come to accept as “unavoidable.” Allowing this fluid to pass more freely through the hose puts more control back into the valves where it should be.

Valving – VSV Technology – Valving is one of the most critical aspects of ATV shock set-up. MOTOWOZ has developed a unique “velocity sensitive valving,” or VSV system. Using the latest in CAD design software, MOTOWOZ designers developed a piston that has proven to offer a superior performance. Each piston is CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum. The piston is then hard anodized for durability, and fitted with precision stamped valve discs.

Valve discs – The valve discs used on each piston are specific to a rider’s weight, bike set-up, and riding style. Shock valving really is an art, and set-up. Once complete, MOTOWOZ valving will react differently to every type of impact the ATV receives. The valves open instantly for fast, big hits, but remain virtually closed on small or slow impacts. This is the effect of VSV technology—only offered through MOTOWOZ.

After all that WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

MOTOWOZ shocks bring an amazing amount of technology to the ATV suspension industry, and will no doubt raise the bar in ATV racing. Serious racers are relieved to find that there is a shock meeting and exceeding expectations for performance and durability. Most importantly, any racer or recreational rider will certainly appreciate the ability of these shocks to be adjusted anytime, anywhere.

I'm not asking for anyone to give a review over the LSR a-arms I have them and so do hundreds of other happy customers who run LT LSR a-arms.

I want to hear more opinions on Motowoz Shocks . I'm a believer in customer reviews and not so much dealership reviews. Anyone purchasing this kit is expected to do a full ride report! :D
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