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Long Travel vs. Standard Travel...andn what is valving

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i was reading a post on the difference between long travel a- arms and shocks compared to standard a-arms and shocks. what is the main difference between the two? what are the benefits to having long travel a-arms and shocks? and standard?

also, what does it mean to have your shocks "re-valved"?
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i like the look of a raptor thats low to the ground. getting longer a-arms and extending the rear axle will do that right? i dont want to lower it. also i ride trails a lot and jump, how will having the longer axle and a-arms affect the performance?
You probably don't want to go wider for trails. It will make it rough for you in those tight trails. The Raptor is pretty much perfect for trails the way it is. Maybe just invest in some shocks.
good point alex! thanks for the reply
Houser makes a maximum ground clearance A arm that help keep the quad low but allows for longer travel and help keep your a arms from taking a beating from the trails. The longer travel allows the quad to jump higher, fly farther, swim faster, leap tall buildings, etc... Having shocks revalving done is where you send either your stock shocks or an aftermarket pair adjusted to your riding style and weight. The Valves which control how and when the shock oil and air pressure is moved through the shocks and at what rate is what the revalving is doing. Also the interals are upraded to a higher quality (usually with stock shocks) or just refreshed if they are worn out(used aftermarkets). Basically the valving you need for ridding the dunes is different than that for mx, Also if you weigh 150 or 250 the valving and spring rates would be different.
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leap tall buildings...thats what i always wanted to do! haha thanks for the help
The difference between long travel and standard travel is where the lower shock pivots are.

Standard travel arms keep the shock mounts where the factory arms would be so you can use your stock shocks. The stock shocks will be overwhelmed with the leverage and you wont gain much travel.

Long travel arms position the shock mount farther out towards the tire, and sometimes lower under the arm to allow for a longer shock. This gets you the extra travel.
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