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Looking for 700 Raptor Yellow/Black SE Wallpaper

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Either I'm missing them or can't find any ... help!
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you have 1 right? i would go to a nice spot and take a pic,and boom, wallpaper.. kinda like swf's sig, looks awesome, then when people say how nice it is,say yeah i know :thumbsup:
RLJ3RD said:
Either I'm missing them or can't find any ... help!

I can send you some real nice pics of mine.....ha ha.....will that help?
If you wnt the one in my sig let me know. It does make a nice desktop image. Iwas working on one with Yamaha and 50th Av edition Logos

Actually CaliRaptor700r has some of the best pics Ive seen right on this forum.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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