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Ok guys heres my problem. It just started recently and I do not know if it is due to the weather. It is now 23 degrees outside.

When I am running and get into the midrange it starts to spudder and buck. It seems like as it gets warmer it stops spuddering after about 5000 rpm then gets worse again after about 6000.

To me it sounds like it is not getting fuel. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions? Could it be the cold?

Here are the circumstances that may help in understanding this problem.
2002 raptor
K&N filter kit
Yoshi 347 full exhaust
stage 2 jet kit.

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Midrange stutter is usually caused by;

1. Improper needle position
2. Air leaks in the intake
3. Exhaust leaks *typically accompanied by backfires on decell
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