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Bought a 2007 Raptor 2 weeks ago. $6553 out the door.

Before I even took it on the first ride I put a GYTR full exhaust on, Prodesign Air Intake with foam double filter and a Dynojet PCIII USB fuel injection controller.
PCIII was programmed as follows:
-Accelerator Pump feature was turned on programmed to 80/20/20.
-Used the Dynojet map for the full exhaust and air box lid off and air intake (416-011)
-When first connecting the USB to the module make sure you push the connector VERY FIRMLY and all the way onto the module. I could not make a connection for 30 minutes because the cable was not all the way in. The USB cable virtually snapped into place.

Rode the bike Saturday elevation 1200' to 5800' temperature from mid 40's to mid 50's. Bike ran great, just a break in run, did not push too hard. Even at elevation the jetting felt spot on.
I also own a modified 660. The 700 has much crisper throttle response and the power was a smoother feel to it.

I am very happy with the mods and the bike. Now just to finish break in and make a dune trip!
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