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moving the key to reverse lever

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im in the process of relocating both the reverse lever nad the key switch. i wanted to know how everyone else routed their key switch to the hole in the fender or the "old" reverse lever spot? did you run it under the gas tank? and did you need to cut the tape off of the bundle of wires that it is connected to lengthen the key switch wire?
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If this helps at all, I moved ours to the hole in the left headlight assembly. There is a hole in the alum fram thingy. Works well for us. Plus its out of sight! If you look in this pic below the headlight switch assembly, you can see the key sticking out there..

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ahhhh nice i might try that too scott. mahalo for the help
got it routed to the hole in the fender. it was easy, i just wasnt thinking when i tried the other time. mahalo
i moved mine last weak it was easy
to make the wire reach you just have to take off one zip tie under the left fender. (that will give you the slake you need).
then put a hole in the cover for the stock location that came with repacment switch.
you will need something to go behind the cover to make it thicker or the key will not fit tight. (i used an old oring that wis laying around)
thanks ron i was wondering how i was going to mount the key
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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