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Hi, so i have a problem with my Yamaha raptor 350 2006.
Firstly, it was like this -
(you can hear the starter for a second), then it was dead and I only heard multiple clicking sound from the solenoid. I thought it was a battery, so i tried to fire it up from my car's. Nothing changed. (
I decided to check the starter, it was broken (magnets were cushed). I've order a new one, and put it on to raptor.
So, somethings changed here, because i can hear the starter, but still that clicking
. I noticed that if I hit the button firstly, the starter is working quite good and long. Second time the starter works for less time.

I think the battery and starter are okay, because starter is "used" but new, and the battery is probably good because the lights are working very good and i tried to use my cars battery.
I don't know what to do. Is that solenoid or what? Can you help me?

There may be some mistakes with my language, sorry for that, i'm from abroad.
And also sorry for that many link to YT, but i want you to hear that multiple clicking. Thanks!

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I believe you have a few different problems.

1, Loose or dirty battery connection will cause some of the clicking. Remove the battery cable to the relay, and the relay to starter, as well as the battery to ground. Inspect each where the wire is crimped in the terminal for corrosion (white powder). Clean each terminal with a wire brush and add a light coat of dielectric.

2, Your battery is weak or bad. That will also allow the relay to click. It has a initial surface charge of 13 volts but shouldn't drop to 9 volts when the starter is turning. Trickle/float charge the battery for a few days to around 13.5 volts, and test again. Low voltage means increased amperage, amps are what burns up relay's.

3, If it's always cranks and cranks without starting that can be caused by tight valve adjustment, especially the intake. That will overheat and burn out starters.
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