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went riding etc etc etc..
popped a few wheelies.. i am able to steer the wheelies now.. i found out how to..

http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c150/natzimus/new camm/?action=view&current=MVI_1422.flv

my friend came by with his yfz450.. its in terrible condition.. so its in my garage with the 350..
its shabby as hell

-the plastics are held on at the front by tie straps
-screws missing everywhere.
-bent steering column
- no rear grab bar .. as it seems like his friends hit it off wheeling..
-warped back brake rotor.
-tires are bald as hell
-oil level when i checked it was about 1 quart over the maximum level line
and yeh.. its terrible.



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that is one screwed up YFZ450 :confused: :eek:

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I don't think it's all that horrible, it looks like he uses it for what it was made for. If you ride these things a lot, and I mean RIDE(not put around the yard, etc) then it's gonna happen. The harder you ride, the more mishaps you'll eventually have, that's just the way it is. In one and a half years with my current bike I've gone thru:

two sets of bars
one stearing stem
four grab bars
two front bumpers
endless sets of tires
one axle
one set of arms and tie rods
I quit putting my headlights back on...lol
one front brake lever
two swingarm skid plates
one brake light lens
a couple heim joints for the ends of my A-arms
every nut and bolt imaginable
I could go on forever......

If you ride them how they're supposed to be ridden, things are gonna break. A new stem, grab bar, and tires and they YFZ will be like new again. Or tell him it's in really bad shape and I'll give him $100 for it ;)
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