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I was just wondering if there is a day dedicated to off road vehicles to help out on the trails that we ride on. If you backpack or hike, then you might be familiar with National Trails day. Basically its a day that is nation wide to let hikers, backpackers, help out by rebuilding, cleaning, maintaining the trails that we walk, run, hike etc on. I was just thinking that if there was somesort of day that was set aside for all of us that ride motorcycles, atv, dunes, trucks..etc that might be able to work with, the states, parks, clubs..etc..that sure could and probably would promote good relationships. Many of you are lucky enough to live in states that have large amounts of areas to ride, and anything we can do as a large group to help promote goodwill would be a positive thing to do. Just my .02 worth.

I always try to pick up my mess and someones else wherever I am granted permission to hunt, ride, fish on someone elses land. I live in IL, and our places to hunt, ride, fish, are limited at best. Most of my leisure time is spent on private land that I have gained access to over the last few years. (although I have lost a few of them to hunting leases, etc)
I would love to live in the Dakotas, or FL or somewhere there is lots of land to enjoy, but at this time in my life with children, wife, and career...I am stuck in IL for a while..lol...
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