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I want to build a 660/719 over the winter when it's too cold to ride. With shortages, delays, and having to send all parts out for machining I will buy a spare used cylinder and crank instead of sending my original parts to decrease down time. I have read the mixed reviews of currently available stroker cranks and also the decline of quality. The plan is to send a used OEM Yamaha cylinder with a new piston to a machinist for a bore job. Once that is back, send the new piston with the used OEM Yamaha crank to Crankworks in Arizona to stroke 4mm, install new rod, balance, and lighten. The cylinder head will get new valves and porting later. Once the cylinder head is sent out a X3 cam will be installed. Exhaust will be Monster dual. I am not looking to set any horsepower records just get noticeably more that a stock rebuild since it has low compression and needs a new piston. Riding is back roads and dunes.

Would you use a Carillo rod or the Prorods rod by Cranksworks?

Is there any way to not use the offset piston in order to have a greater piston selection or is this unavoidable at the 4mm stroke length? Or is the offset piston the better way to go?

Any thing wrong with my plan or that you would do differently?

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