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Need help, bogging out

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well heres it is, my bike has engine mods or so wat, it runs fine almost always except...i was riding this weekend and on the street i was hitting top end, gunning it, for a long time, and when i let off and try to give it gas, half way, it boggs in any gear. then i stop and let the bike sit, but when i start riding if it, it would do the same thing. bogg if i hit bout half acceleration. i cleaned my carbs and the problem seemed to go away. but then i road top end for a while and it started happening again. any 1 got a clue? my top end doesnt bogg. its just after holding it there, when i hit it in any gear it boggs, could it be my needles or jets? please help me...
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make sure your gas cap vent is not stoped up and the vent hose's on carb's this happend to my one time.hope this help's :thumbsup:
Have you checked your plug? Maybe you're running rich on the top end and fouling your plug.
my plug is fine i looked at it, plus its new...
Is this a new condition, or something you've noticed?

It could be as simple as you not having the power to pull your top end gearing when you let off the gas like that, it's not going to respond the same way it would in first or second gear. I apologize if this seems condescending, I'm just trying to get the obvious out of the way.

Floats could be too high and the bike is filling up with fuel at wot and when you let off the fuel gets dumped into the intake.
no its not the gearing my bike has the power, its something with the carbs, im like 99% sure, cuz i cleaned them and it went away. but has soon as i ride top end for a little, it starts sputtering again, a friend of mine told me to put the needle clip on the 4th groove, which mean my needle would be 1 clip higher, he says that would give it more fuel if it needs it mid range....
this it a message i got from freez when asking a question about my rap.

All raptor leak gas out of the carbs when you wheelie. You might never be able to fix that, but the float mod mentioned in my post might help to make the carbs leak less. I still find that some guys say they cannot wheelie even after the mods, but try the mods, but don't cut the float stopper unless you find you have problems of the carbs being sucked dry when you ride at full throttle for long distances.
you may have what he mentions later in the post about the carbs being sucked dry. you may beed to visit his sticky and trim the float stopper.
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