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need to upgrade my 88 Warrior

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My 88 warrior is tired, Ive had it for 12 years it has air box, pipe and jet mods. had a lot of fun with it and use to run good. now I think it needs rings and a CDI box because it runs like a 125. so last nite I bought a 05 660 Raptor on ebay and rode it all day woods trail riding with my buddies who have 250s and a 350? I didnt like the 660 Raptor, way to fast and to wide, didnt have fun like on my old Warrior, now that I rode the 660 raptor I like its lite front end front and rear shock the ride, bars, seat, and way it handles woops, but motor is way to powerful its to wide and slow speed turning is to wide, The only thing I would change on the old warrior if I could is lighten the front a little and better front and rearshocks, what changes on the newer 04 Warrior /350 Raptors did yamaha upgrade
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The biggest thing was it went on a 25 lb diet making a huge difference in its handling and the way it lays down the power. It went with a new carb, which improved the throttle lag that the warrior was known for. The ergonomics of the Raptor is so much better than the warrior. Everything just feels better, of course a lot of this is due to the weight loss. The exhaust was fine tuned and a few internal engine changes.
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