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anyone ever install AC racing nerf bars

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nerf bars

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Having trouble the installing ac racing nerf bars the holes line up to the stock foot pegs but there is a 45 degree angled bracket that i dont see ataching it anywhere but to the frame and I am not drilling holes the bracket actually doesnt even really line up with the frame I ordered them online and they wont take em back I threw out the originall box.Anyone who has installed them Id appreciate your help.Thanks
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They should either attach at the motor mounts or with a plate that attaches to the 2 or 3 holes in the frame.....depending on which model bars you got. Sometimes they're a tight fit, but you shouldn't have to drill any holes or anything like that.
MIne mount to the Motor mount. But the ones I have are a little older, don t know if they changed them or not. It seems i had to do some forcing to get everything to line up.
Thanks Im going to give it a try this weekend.
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