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new axle question

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i got a gforce axle for my 660 and replaced the bearings, my question is does the sleeve that goes inside the carrier have to go back on the new axle or can it be left out.
the guy who owned the quad before my aperantly didnt believe in maintaining his ride and the bearings were toast which made that sleeve hard to get off and harder to get back on.
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I think its there to brace the inner roller of the bearings when you tighten the axle nuts so I would clean it up grease it and use it and it sounds like you definitely need new bearings as well. I have a Gforce as well...Love It!!!
do u know where i might find another one of these?
http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem/id/1.2 You can find it here...It should be the same for all yearas but you can select your specific year from the menu.
Ya, if you dont maintain them they are a biscuit to get off. I had to torch mine of :wow:
i hear ya mine took a long time and a big hammer. lol .I found the part i need thanks
Ya, if you dont maintain them they are a biscuit to get off. I had to torch mine of :wow:
Mmmmmmm biscuits...... with honey :)
I just took my axle out today to replace bearings.
got bearings at the local bearing shop, SKF 6007-2RS. Just have your local bearing shop cross reference to a Koyo 6007RS bearing, you'll need 2. The SKF bearings are a higher quality than the chinese ones most kits include.
For me, mine were toast when they came out, one came out in 1 piece, when you spun it, it sounded like gravel in a blender, and you could move the inner race in and out, lots of free play. the other one was even worse, it busted trying to push it out. both seals were shot too. but, was a learning experience
i knew the berrings were gone by the play in the axle(about 1/2 inch back to front), so when i took off the axle ALL bearings fell out in a handful of balls and shavings.lol. on the plus side the old bearings were easy to get off.
i also drilled and taped 2 holes for grease zirks one on either side
If the inner sleeve has been damaged to the point it may be shorter then stock it should be replaced, the length of the sleeve should be identical the the distance between the bear races in the carrier, if not you will pinch the bearings radially and destroy the bearings prematurely.................
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