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new exhaust system

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today i put on the new exhaust i bought on ebay. the brand name is jardine. any one ever heard of this brand or have feed back for me on it. i realize i should have asked this befor purchasing, but thought it was a good deal at the time. first thing wrong with this system is the head and mid pipe dont even come close to being bent right. i had to use my stock ones. second is this pipe is crazy loud i dont know if i could stand to be riding behind this thing. and i know they wont let me on the dunes with this. third the pipe has a spark arss. built in, but when i rev it quick 2 or3 times i still see some sparks come out the back??? normal??
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get what you pay for.... :thumbsup:
I've seen several Jardine systems on street bikes, but never on a quad.

I would contact the seller or Jardine and let them know about the hardware problem. Usually, they will send you new stuff. As for the sparks, you do no have a spark arrestor installed. You might see if you can purchase one, especially if it's required in your area.

Do you have any other euipment installed such as a programmer? If not, risk cooking something internally. I would not recommend installing an exhaust system without changing the fuel delivery/air mixture.

will putting on afetr market exhaust void warrenty? what can i do as far as mods befor vioding warrenty?
gussgoods said:
will putting on afetr market exhaust void warrenty? what can i do as far as mods befor vioding warrenty?
If you cook something in the motor it won't be covered!

Get a PCIII or some type of programmer for your bike. You will be running it EXTREMELY lean without changing the fuel injection settings.

There is a ton of info on this site, especially the archived section. Read and you shall find knowledge grasshopper. :thumbsup:
Jardine is a great company.. the company you ordered from must have sent you the wrong one or a damaged one. Be sure to get in contact with the ebay seller..
Put Pics ! :thumbsup:
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