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I always wanted a Raptor 700 over other quads because of the LED tail lights, fuel injection, and many, many other reasons. I finally have one and I've ridden it about 4 times now.

I have a 2006 Raptor 700...I've been debaiting between buying some used YFZ-450 front "piggy back" shocks so that they can be adjusted or just buying some aftermarket ones. I have a bunch of questions for all you pros out there on that and a few other things...here is the skinny...

I bought the quad used about 5 months ago, but got one hell of a deal...3k in mint condition with all the following mods:

Aftermarket Front Bumper
Aftermarket Rear Bumper
Full Trinity Racing single side exhaust (I installed new packing & quiet core to keep the neighbors at bay when I ride it at home...)
Trinity Racing EFI programmer (seems kinda junky compared to the Power Commander...I ride sport bike and have one on that...)
GYTR aluminum heel guards
Eliminated parking brake
TONS of billet pieces
ITP wheels with Maxxis Razr 2 tires (almost brand new)
UNKNOWN Aftermarket Chrome & Widened axle (how can I tell who makes it?)
front wheel spacers to widen the front to match

Here is what I have done so far...
Yamalube Full Synthetic oil change with K&N oil filter
New K&N air filter
GYTR Aluminum front skid plate
GYTR Aluminum rear skid plate

I had the overheat light come on about 3 weeks ago, so I had to do these:

New Thermostat
New fan (this I believe was the main problem)

Now it runs fine and doesn't overheat. For a bit there, I was worried it was something more serious but it turned out it just needed a fan, because it overheated when sitting still with no air-flow. I regret installing the stock fan, should have got something better, oh well.

Additionally, I have these parts sitting in the garage waiting for me to have time to put them on:

Houser Steering Stem
Flexx Bars (1 5/8")
Anti-Vibration Bar Mount
(see link) - http://www.motosport.com/atv/product/HOUSER-STEM-FLEXX-BAR-COMBO/?id=103003&psreferrer=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.google.com%252Furl%253Fsa%257Cequalto%257Ct%257Camp%257Csource%257Cequalto%257Cproductsearch%257Camp%257Ccd%257Cequalto%257C1%257Camp%257Cved%257Cequalto%257C0CCoQgwgwAA%257Camp%257Curl%257Cequalto%257Chttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.motosport.com%252Fad%252F%253Fcode%257Cequalto%257CATV-SP-CA-PRODUCT%257Camp%257CcatalogId%257Cequalto%257C103003%257Camp%257Ccsource%257Cequalto%257CGoog%257Camp%257Cutm_source%257Cequalto%257CGoogle%2BShopping%257Camp%257Cutm_medium%257Cequalto%257CCSEs%257Camp%257Cutm_campaign%257Cequalto%257CCA%257Camp%257CCAWELAID%257Cequalto%257C57130168%257Camp%257Crct%257Cequalto%257Cj%257Camp%257Cq%257Cequalto%257Chouser%2Bsteering%2Bstem%2Band%2Bflexx%2Bbar%257Camp%257Cei%257Cequalto%257CWUJgTdegOoK8lQfR86jcCw%257Camp%257Cusg%257Cequalto%257CAFQjCNHfrZmewpT96z8Z7_lgCKGfwT4HbQ&utm_source=Google%2BShopping&utm_medium=CSEs&utm_campaign=CA&CAWELAID=57130168&segment=badger

Lastly, I also have a Steamline Billetanium Non-Rebuildable Steering Stabilizer waiting to be put on the quad.

Here is my problems/concerns/questions. I have noticed the quad has a very rough ride on trails and the handlebars really tend to bounce around and also transfer vibration into my hands and arms. I hope that the new bars and anti-vibe mount help, however I figure the main problem is probably because the quad was widened the "cheap" way with spacers in the front.

I plan to keep this quad forever, so my thoughts were that I might buy new houser a-arms and new shocks for the front. I haven't been able to decide if I want long travel or regular for one. Secondly, I thought about just getting the houser regular arms and then getting the "piggy back" adjustible style YFZ450 front shocks. I kinda what to do it right though, would the houser "long travel" a arms and aftermarket shocks make a big difference? What shocks do you guys recommend? Do you suggest the long travel arms? Also, here is the big one...if I get the aftermarket A-arms...i'll want a-arm skid plates for them. Do they make a-arm skid plates for houser arms or another brand?

Next question...I have an aftermarket chrome axle which started to rust since i've had the quad. I used some chrome polish/rust remover along with steel wool...it looks brand new now. However, there is a spot that the rust ate throught the chrome. Anyone recommend powder coating it or some type of spraypaint? Anyone recommend any other type of aftermarket axle? How can i tell what axle is on it now?

I have friends with 450s and I'd love to add just a bit of power to my quad to wipe the smirk off their faces...any good engine suggestions? Cam?

Also, are there any other mods you guys recommend? I know it's a HUGE post...but I'd appreciate if you guys would give me some ideas and suggestions on all the stuff above...I ride with two other guys who have raptor 700s...and we call ourselves "The 700 club"...haha...i'm proud to be part of it! Here are a few photos of my new ride from recently...dirty and clean...


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well the front suspension depends on your bank account. ideally lt's are the way to go. but with the regular travel and some 07se or newer front shocks with a revalve is cheaper and perform very well from what i have read. the yfz shocks are just a little shorter, and someone on here had a set of them revalved, then got the raptor resi's revalved and the raptor ones where better. so basically that depends on your bank account and how much you can spend.

motor wise you can do a higher compression piston, anything over 11.5:1 will require race gas. and when it comes to a cam, it depends on the bank also. the hotcams 2 or 3 are drop in cams that don't require anything else. don't even think about the stage 1, its pointless, but if you want a bigger cam, like say the hdd5050 cam which is a great all around cam, it requires stiffer valve springs, and clearancing of the rocker arms. plus you might as well get a p&p if your goin that far. so again it depends on the bank account.

i personally am not getting 6 figures or middle of the road 5 figures. :lol: so i just put in a tech 11.5:1 piston, hc2, and got a pcv to replace the other cheap one i had. now this should be more than enough for me for quite some time. with that being said, if anything would happen to your crank at some point, you might as well stroke it. and if your cylinder coating is wore, or you scatter something, you might as well big bore it.

this is all the basic things i have learned from my readings on this and other forums. and other more knowledgable people will certainly chime in and tell you more things. and others are going to say to get a hotcam 3 if your gonna go that route. i personally didn't want to lose any bottom end power, and chose the 2. even though withe the higher comp piston it would be about the same, i just thought a little more is never bad.

but well come to the club, and prepare your bank account and gf/wife if you have one for the money spent, and time in the garage. :lol: good luck with the mods and enjoy.
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