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New Rims And Tires

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:thumbsup:Hey you guys have helped me with a lot of stuff in the past! so ill try again. i need to up grade my rims and tires. i do trail riding and jumps at a mx park. so i want something thats gonna be good for both but better in the mx parks. some kind of rims that are durable and some hole shots or something along those lines? and a place to could order off the net? any help is great. :help:
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i do exactly the same, trail riding/racing and mx i got ITP beadlocks and holeshots (can´t really remember which ones) and they work great, the rims are really strong, ive seen many broken/bent stock rims,mine are like if nothing had happened :thumbsup:
where did u get them from? the internet or a store? what was the price for them too. Thats what i want. my stock ones are so bent haha the look like there 20 years old so bend!
For wheels, any(Douglas, ITP) .190" thick aluminum wheels should be up to the task. And for pricing, Rocky Mountain ATV is pretty tough to beat on tire and wheel prices.

dont get reg 190's dont have rolled edge and will bend and get chips on end of rims from rocks try like itp'sconventionals rolled or douglas's ultimate rolled around $90/pc usually would run holeshot mxr6's18"rear 20"front try tucker rocky or rocky mountain would be your cheapest route or you could go with bead locks for rear most guys stay with rolled in fronts
.190s work fine for the vast majority of trail riders, ITP or douglas. If you're going to spend the money on the rims with the rolled edge why not just pick up another set of oem wheels for 50-75% of the cost?
well, can´t really say, i got my rappy used from a guy who wanted a not so fast quad for her 14 yr old daughter, we exchanged the rappy with everything my signature says for a stock 03 kodiak, i think it was a pretty nice deal :grin_nod:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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