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Hey guys,

I just got myself a used (stock) 2001 Raptor. No real problems with it I just want to start so customing to it. Like I said it's stock exept for the "tranny and motor was replaced in 2003". I hope that means the tranny is a 2003 version. So anyway I've just ordered a Bar Clamp with the Raptor Logo:

And next I want to replace the handlebars and remove the parking brake junk on the handlebars. I'm looking for advice on Handlebars, Clutch and Brake levers, and Pro Peg Nerf Bars. I'm thinking I want the AC Racing Raptor 660 Black Line Pro Pegs:

Advice and links are needed.


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Welcome to the site and congratulations on the new Raptor!!!

I'd see if you can find out for sure if it's got the updated trans and whether the engine is a complete swap. It's useful information to have.

The bar clamp is a good one, I've got a Pro-tech without the logo I bought a few years ago and it's done it's job and looked good doing it.

For the handlebars my favorites are FMF's Factory 909 Line, they have twinwall 7/8" bars that are reasonably priced, quite strong, and pretty good on vibration. My other favorite is the Pro-Taper SE bar, same stock 7/8" size, plenty of strength and quite comfortable.

I'm pretty sure there's a sticky somewhere on removing the Parking Brake sensor.

I wouldn't go nuts on a set of levers and a clutch perch as some of them are over 100 bucks. I have used MSR, ASR, and some cheaper brands like SRP, Wirtz, etc. I like the MSR and ASR products and they run reasonably at 30-50 bucks for a perch and lever.

I've got no experience with the black line AC stuff. Some on the 700 boards have had issues with the powder coat/paint (not sure which it is) flaking off but you'd be best off searching for those threads and reading up on them yourself. I use DG nerfs with stock pegs in conjunction with the GYTR aluminum heel guards and I'm a happy guy.

Again welcome Shawn. :thumbsup:
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