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New to raptors, ton of questions.

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Hey everyone, I have an 05 Raptor 660 SE (gray/camo). I've only ridden it about 8 hours so far, but I feel pretty confident that I like the quad and that I'm going to try and get into scramble/cross country racing... although I know the raptor isn't the world's best race quad.

I used to live in Idaho where I visited the St. Anthony dunes a couple of times, but now I'm back in my home state of Illinois.

Anyways, so far I've drilled the lid, installed a K&N, PEP steering stabilizer (not installed yet, need new brake lines), durablue front spacers (yeah, I know...), LSR rear axle, Razr 2's, flipped rear swingarm bracket, and my carb is currently apart awaiting a rejet.

Anyways, I plan on doing the modifications to my carb Freez posted (I've been doing a TON of reading before making this post). But I was wondering, besides flipping that rear bracket and doing these carb mods, are there any other cheap/free mods to do to make the Raptor faster around the track?

I ordered a PDF version of the Factory Service Manual and it's a huge resource, and for $7 it's well worth it!

Thanks everyone in Advance. I'll have plenty of questions shortly.
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Just a quick question-whats the advantage of flipping the swingarm bracket? How does one go about doing this? Thanks :thumbsup:
Run out and check your swingarm. There's a bracket at the bottom of the shock. If you flip that over, it drops the rear of your quad 1.5"... almost 2" maybe. I was told about the trick on another forum. I haven't ridden the quad since I did it... but I squished the suspension down and up and all over and it didn't bind or anything.
Cool did not know about the bracket thing. I was thinking about buying the lowering bracket from ebay. :thumbsup:
All I have is Hearsay, but I heard flipping the bracket isnt suppsoed to be good for any kind of jumping. Dont know if its true ot not as I havent messed with mine.
Cool trick! thanks. If it negatively affects things for jumping Ill prolly not do it though. I love to jump.
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