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We finished our top end today. A CP 11.1 piston, vito's cam and cometic gasket kit were installed. I bumped up to a 150 mainjet and a 27.5 pilot jet to provide a bit more fuel. The job went without any major drama, just the way I like it. We opted to order a new cam bearing, removing the old one would have made it unuseable.

The upgrades gave the little rap some more punch, although I took it somewhat easy. There is so much info on break in it is anyones guess.
I fired it up, let it run for about 1 minute and pulled off the head covers to check for oil flow. It looked good so I let it run for about 5 minutes then I threw the seat on (no fenders) and took it for a real easy little ride.
After that I checked valve clearance and the spark plug. The plug showed we were way to rich so the clip was backed to the 2nd position, where we were before the upgrade. There is more valve noise than before (hope it holds up) from what I've read this seems normal.

After dinner we fired up all the quads and did about 20 minutes of riding.
I tried to take it easy but I caught myself wide open throttle 5 or 6 times.
The oil will be changed before any more riding. My seat of the pants testing concluded at most a 2 hp increase.

How long until I can't help myself with porting or a carb? These things are an addiction.
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