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New toy!

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Hey all, just got myself a new toy! 09 KFX450R. i know, i know, not a raptor, but i like 450's too and this one is fuel injected, and has reverse. Once i finish the 07 rappy 700 build, i will likely sell the ol' 660 that made me love raptors to begin with because i dont need 3 quads. LOVE the new horse in the stable, but tears for the 660:crying


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Thanks guys! I think this is the only dirt slinger ive ever bought that ran! Lol. And you have a good point morph, maybe i need more space, not less machines.....
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Oldskool, thanks for the advice! I guess i should take it on a 6 hour trail day before i make any decisions, but the 700 will be done soon anyway!:grin
I will say the bottom end feels pretty gutless (well, compared to a 50hp 660 with gobbs of torque) but it does rip in the top half of rpm's. Im sure an intake would do wonders for it.... and I will keep an eye on the clutch basket, thanks for mentioning it. So oldskool, since you had one of these kawi's, any other problem areas i should be aware of?? Or anyone else know of anything?
Nice view in the pic-

Wow, more than i was expecting! Lol. Hopefully some of these wont be an issue for me. I ride a cbr everyday so im used to the crotch rocket position and hard seat. The previous owner wired the electric fan on a toggle switch, so i can run the fan constantly to help with overheating, and it doesnt have the factory pegs anymore. As for the rest of that: i will be re-routing the battery cables immediately, thanks for that tip. Gonna try to remember to kick it out of gear when parked for a bit too. I sure hope i dont get a crack in my frame or swinger, but i will be watching for it now. Thanks for all the great info that im sure you learned the hard way.

And yeah, its crazy light. Think im gonna like that. Just wish it was wide like the ltr
took the kfx to the trails today. well oldskool, you were right, the seat is hard as a board! didnt notice it the first 2 hours, was getting sore hours 2-4, and by hour 6, i was ready to go home and try the couch. the quad did very well though, i was quite happy with it in every other way. obviously the stock shocks could be better, but the motor pulls hard with great throttle response and i like the sound of the dasa exhaust. overall, i think its going to make a great 2nd machine! now if cylinder works would stop dragging their feet on my order i could finish the 700, then i may never ride this again! lol
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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