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New wiring harness/need help please

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My buddy and I are are trying to install a new wiring harness on a 02 660. He got it and the factory wiring harness had been cut and spiliced into very badly causing a lot of wiring issues. One being that it would start and run sometimes but if you shit it off or went to start it another time the whole quad wouldn’t have any power to anything. So we bought a brand new wiring harness off eBay and we have connected everything except like the temp sensors and the radiator fan.
the system seems to have power going to the lights, cdi, and kill switch. But it will not crank with the start button and if you crank it by jumping the solenoid there is no spark.
when you use the start button the dash light turns on and the tail light dims a smidge.
there are two black bullet connects at the front of the quad I’m not sure what they are for. There is a mail and female coming off the main harness. One is black with a small white stripe and the other is black with a yellow stripe. At the midway point of the harness near the coil there is 2 female red with white stripe bullet connectors. One has a positive out put. I’m not sure where either of these go and if they are the problem.
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