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Looking to install a Boss Noss kit on my bike. Anybody out there have any experience using this system. Is it a good kit ? I plan on changing my current cam to a stage 3 Thanks to MadDogs info. These are my current engine mods: Atleast its what WKR wrote on the invoice aside from the carbs.
-White Knuckle Racing Cylinder 105mm Bore (stock cylinder wall thickness)
-CP piston 13:5:1
-CNC 5 axis Head Porting with valve seat grind
-5 +1mm valves
-Kibblewhite Valve spring kit
-Stage 2 cam (Hotcam)
-Hot Rods HD Rod kit
-Dynatek Programable ignition
-GYTR complete clutch
-Yukon HD tranny upgrade gears
-Lectron dual 40mm High Velocity carbs (custom setup only 1 fuel bowl)
-Custom manifold boots
-Trinity stage 4 exhaust (dual pipe into 1 muffler)
-Double size radiator and aluminum oil resovoir
-Fr 15th/R 38th Vortex Sprockets
-C14plus or Q16 VP race fuel only
Whats the biggest shot I can safely get away with. I believe its a WET system. If that helps. Another Question is my piston going to be a problem?
Any info would be great!

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There is no safe shot of nitrous... That being said, I would think your bike would handle a 20-25 shot pretty easily, provided it was tuned well with the nitrous.. Good luck with it..
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