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Noob Here

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Hey Guys, i was sent here from another forum. he told me i could find all my info over here. Im new to the raptors (but not new to ATV's) its just been awhile since i owned one. i will be picking up a 2007 SE either this month or the begining of next. just hopefully soon lol.

anyways i want to gather all the info i need on them, taking care of it, recomends, tips and hint, just any of that so i know for when i go pick it up.

a little backround info on me:

Im 21 and decided i better go to college so ill be starting either jan or next fall. ive been onto cars but now its time to sell my baby and go to school. i curently own a 1994 mazda rx7 (twin turbo, rotary engine) and i own a 94 toyota P/U SR5 on sterioids :lol:
i live in stamford ny (crappy borring town)

Well hope this forum is more active then others that ive joined.

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Welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

You can find anything you need to know about a raptor here and the board is very active. The 07 SE is sweet and you will be happy with it Im sure. :grin_nod:
i think im the one that suggested you try here. atv connection right? anyway just start reading every post even if it sounds like a topic youre not interested in. youll find so much info here.
thanks for the welcome guys :D
Hate to see you sell that rx7, those are classic cars. I have always wanted to drive or ride in one. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum.. you're going to hear this alot.. but everything you need to learn is right here.. some need a little finding and some will smack you in the face :) .. this forum turned me from a guy that knew nothing about the 700 into a somewhat encyclopedia.. everybody i ride with or come across me with a 700 keeps asking me so many questions and i got the confidence and right answers.. so good luck :thumbsup:
pile0g00 - yea i hate to see it go to, i love the car, major head turner and just fun overall, but i will tell you this, after it sells it will be a big relief, cause everything for the car is so pricey, and its just time to step away from the car scene (between all my money goes to it, and to many ticket) so time to get back on the atvs :grin_nod:
and if u lived around here, i would take ya for a ride

xPhere -

yea i signed up yesterday to this forum and been on here almost 5 hours (cant be on at work) but yea deff finding out usefull info. esp with the skid plate, after reading the post im goin to tell them to put it on right at the shop.
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