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Not another tire comparison....

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OK, so I'm going to replace my current rear tires. I've done some reading and talking to folks and have it down to these two. http://www.tireexpress.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=12751 and http://www.tireexpress.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=5823&CFID=3172356&CFTOKEN=64176052
More supply houses have recommended the Kenda's even though they sell both. I haven't read a thing on the GBC's here, but RMATV is out of stock, so people must be buyin' 'em and they (GBC) said they are an extremely durable tire. Gotta be better than my GNCCs ::)

I ride a little bit of everything, except sand and dunes, and hope to get some snow time on my rappy as well. How well it does in the snow is kind of a deciding factor on if I get a ute next year or not :eek: It's not like I think it's going to be a snowmobile or anything, but I find myself more and more utilizing my rappy to do a little work around the property, so trading it in isn't out of the question. Above all I need something that's going to last on the road and RR track travelling I often do.

So, does anyone have any firsthand experience or know someone with these tires that could give me some input? I need tires before I can ride again :( I'm jonesing it man....

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For those too lazy to click on the links we're comparing GBC Dirt Devils and Kenda Knarlys. (I'm one of those lazy people ;))

What I should start with is that the Dirt Devil is primarily a utility atv tire, while the knarly is designed for sport quads. If you're looking for all around performance the Knarly is a better choice, even in 22" sizes which is the smallest the Dirt Devil comes in. But if you're looking for traction in snow and somewhat sloppier conditions the Dirt Devils will serve you well. If cost isn't an issue I'd get the dirt devils for winter and use the kendas the rest of the year.
oops, sorry. I didn't realize the names weren't in the link somewhere (insert embarrassed emoticon here).

You may have hit on something there, Maddog. Winter's coming up so I should probably get what will suit me better in the snow and worry about the rest next year. :thumbsup:
Hmmm, not much experience on either of these two tires.... at least not yet. Looks like I'll be the guinae pig again :grin_nod:
I went ahead and ordered the Dirt Devils. I hope to have them maybe by the beginning of next week, then I need to get them mounted. Right when the weather turns crappy again, too. Oh well. At least I'll be able to ride again. I'll let you all know how they hold up after I get a similar amount of riding time on them. They're taller, too, so it looks like my 15T Renthal will have to wait a while if I go back to a 20" tire.
A friend of mine used to run 24" DD's on his honda rancher and they were nice tires on the trails and in the snow. They were lacking for mud traction but I don't think that's where you were worried about it anyway.
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